Remembering Jaclyn Linetsky and Vadim Schneider

About Jaclyn and Vadim


Jaclyn Linetsky

January 8, 1986 - September 8, 2003

Vadim Schneider

March 10, 1986 - September 8, 2003

Jaclyn Linetsky was a wonderful and talented actress with a constant big smile. She made different voices, including the little character Caillou between 2000 to 2002. In 2003 she obtained the role of Megan O'Connor in the new canadian tv show '15 love'.

Vadim Schneider was a charming and smiling young boy. He made various theatre, and voice work. He started in the tv show '15/Love' as Sebastien Dubé, a french young tennis player, in a tennis academy.

On September 8th 2003, after 2 months on the set, they were driven on the road to their work, when the driver lost control of the mini van and crash into a tractor trailer. The driver survive and the young promising stars died instantly. Jaclyn and Vadim were only 17.

After this, two weeks later and after their funerals, their characters in the show '15 Love' lost their lives in a plane crash after a tournament.

Everyone on the show was devastated by their death, and after there was a tremendous period of grief. They were rising stars and their talent was stellar.

No one could forget their constant big smile and their boundless happiness. The life still is hard without them...


"There's been an accident." – Curve Ball, 15/Love.
The characters, Megan and Sebastian were chosen to participate in a tennis contest in London, which makes some of the other characters jealous. After a day long tennis tournament at the school, news reaches them that Meg and Seb have been in an aviation crash, in which their were no survivors. The main characters then react in their own way to the news. The actors drawing from the deaths of Vadim Schneider and Jaclyn Linetsky, who played the characters, on the way to the set, Jackie and Vadim were involved in a car accident, when their driver lost control of the mini-van they were in, crashing into a tractor/trailer. Vadim was thrown out of the windscreen, being killed instantly, Jackie later went into cardiac arrest in an ambulance, and died. The driver was later sued.


"I have the worst news you could possibly hear"
"I have the worst news you could possibly hear"
"I have the worst news you could possibly hear"

There has been an accident.Shortly after the Hampstead tournament, a small plane went down near the Isle of White, of the coast of England. Megan and Sebastian were among the passengers, and there were no survivors.

"I'll lend you for a little time a child of mine," He said.
"For you to love while she lives and mourn for when she's dead.
She'll bring her charms to gladden you, and should her stay be brief,
You'll have her lively memory as solace for your grief."
We just wanna say that we love you and miss you very much ...





I always said you were the real star, you move like a hurricane
Through the pain

You said don't forget about me, don't forget about me
Like I'd ever forget about you
How could I just change my mind?

When all the sun shines still on you
Everyone's a lie but you're so true
You're symphonic, you're the light in the moon
How could I forget you?

You're a star, a dream that never ends, fireworks around the bend
An angel on the river Thames
You must know you're all the lights on new years eve
Quiet on the raging sea
How could I forget you?
How could I forget you?

You said don't forget about me, don't forget about me




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